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Introduction to Teeth Whitening

At Baysmiles Dental in Bayside, teeth whitening is one of our top treatments. The name of the game is pearly white teeth, and we’re here for it! We’ve all seen it, either on Instagram, walking down the street, or on the big screen—a bright smile is beautiful, handsome, and lovely! There are many factors that contribute to your teeth not being as white as others, and below we’ve detailed our process, who the best candidates are why (why, oh why!) your teeth aren’t naturally as white others.

Getting teeth whitening in Bayside with our dental experts will give you the confidence that your smile is radiant!

What Happens During Teeth Whitening?

During the process of teeth whitening, a hygienist will begin by using a lip retractor to assist in keeping your mouth open for the procedure, as well as placing gauze in your mouth to keep everything dry. A rubber dam will then be placed in your mouth to cover your gums, which will prevent your gum tissue from any possible damage and limit sensitivity.
A bleaching gel will then be painted onto your teeth, after which a light will be pointed directly at the gel to transform the oxygen in the gel and cause it to dive deep beneath your enamel to reach the color pigments.
Afterward, the hygienist will remove the gel from your teeth, paint on a new coat, and repeat the process. Depending on the treatment plan discussed with your doctor, this process may be done 3 or 4 times total.

Who are the Best Candidates for Teeth Whitening?

We believe the best candidates for teeth whitening in Bayside are anyone who feels uncomfortable with their smile due to yellow or discolored teeth. Whether it be from a prior illness, age, or poor dental hygiene, teeth whitening can help you get your confident smile back.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

We have noticed many benefits to our teeth whitening process, including, but not limited to:

A boosted confidence due to a brighter smile

A better, brighter smile that can instantly improve your overall appearance

It is a non-invasive procedure that is affordable and quick, giving you long-lasting results

What Causes Teeth to become discolored?

There are multiple reasons why your teeth may become discolored, such as:

Aging: Over time, the outer layer of our teeth’s enamel will wear away, exposing the yellowish dentin underneath, which will make your smile appear darker

Diet: Certain drinks (i.e. coffee, tea, soda, red wine) and starchy foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes can discolor your teeth.

Poor Dental Hygiene: Plaque and food stains will build up over time, but can appear worse when you skip out on consistent brushing, flossing, and dental cleaning visits.

Certain Illnesses: There are certain conditions that may prevent the development of enamel and cause tooth discoloration.

Medications: Some medications like antibiotics, some antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs, and antihypertensive medications can affect your teeth’ enamel. In addition, certain treatments, including radiation and chemotherapy, can contribute to discoloration as well.

Tobacco Use: Smoking, chewing, or dipping tobacco can affect your teeth.

What’s the First Step?

The first step to getting teeth whitening in Bayside is to schedule an appointment. During your appointment, we’ll discuss the entire process with you, answer any questions and explain what you can expect from the treatment. We’ll also provide you with you some post-treatment instructions on cleaning and maintenance, you should follow these guidelines to ensure that you’re teeth stay clean, healthy, and white!

Why Choose Baysmiles Dental?

Baysmiles Dentalr is led by Dr. Anjela Mehrian who has developed techniques providing good, clean, efficient, and comprehensive dentistry that is also custom-tailored to each individual.

Her vision is the culmination of years of research and experience replacing and restoring teeth. Have the peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Bayside?

The cost of teeth whitening in Bayside, NY, will vary depending on the practice you go to. At BaySmiles Dental we offer competitive pricing starting at $299. During your appointment, we’ll be able to give you a detailed breakdown of all associated costs.

To schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Bayside please contact us 718-819-8202 today! We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve that white smile that you’ve always dreamed of!

Teeth Whitening FAQ’s

While it is unfortunate that they don’t last forever, your whitened teeth are resistant to staining, and with proper maintenance using your provided trays, your teeth can stay white for years to come.
While you may experience some mild sensitivity in your teeth after getting them whitened, you can start eating again almost immediately. We do suggest avoiding darker consumables (such as coffee) for at least 48 hours to ensure the best results from your whitening. Please feel free to consult your doctor with suggestable food and drinks during this time.
Due to the effects of teeth whitening, there is a very high chance that there will be a difference in matching the color with your older veneers or crowns. If you are interested in teeth whitening, discuss this with your dentist, in which case the solution may be the need to replace your existing restorations after your procedure for optimal results.
Unfortunately, there are always some levels of tooth sensitivity associated with teeth-whitening products. On average, there is very minimal discomfort, but the experience can be different from patient to patient.

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